Reconnecting Yarbrough
Spring 2023

Reconnecting Yarbrough

In our Studio II course, we conducted a comprehensive branding project exploring how libraries can modernize their branding to resonate with their communities in the digital age. Utilizing methods such as user interviews, neighborhood data analysis, and extensive branding identity research, we investigated potential strategies for libraries to evolve and align their brand with the changing landscape.

Project Brief

The Yarbrough Branch Library, located in the heart of the Allandale neighborhood, is a cherished community institution. However, it's currently facing a disconnect with the evolving community demographics it was designed to serve. While the library has traditionally catered to families, children, and the elderly, Allandale has transformed into a community primarily composed of young, unmarried professionals, many of whom work from home.

Discovery Insights

The change in the community's makeup has highlighted the need for the library to adapt. Current statistics show that 72% of residents constitute non-family households, 67% are unmarried, 55% hold executive, management, or professional positions, and 26% of residents work from home. This shift in demographics indicates that the library needs to reevaluate its community connection strategy.

Brand Strategy

To respond to this shift, I plan to initiate a significant transformation in the library's branding strategy. The goal is to reconcile the library with its community by aligning its voice, values, purpose, and visual identity to reflect the changing demographics of Allandale. I envision the Yarbrough library as a casual, relatable, and warm space that promotes individuality, creativity, approachability, and convenience for Allandale's millennial professionals. The new brand identity aims to provide a friendly, laid-back atmosphere where patrons can find ease and support in their personal and professional pursuits.

Design Solution

The design solution involves incorporating a distinct color palette and typography into the library's visual identity. The chosen colors range from palm green to canary and novel sky, invoking feelings of connection and serenity. The chosen fonts, Clarinet Wide and Corben, are modified to provide a unique, friendly appearance. The design solution extends to creating Yarbrough totes available in two unique designs and co-branding where the Yarbrough wordmark will always be twice the size of APL and set to the right. Additionally, I plan to introduce unique initiatives like hosting a speakeasy event inside the library on Saturday nights to rejuvenate the library's image and foster a strong connection with the community.

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